The antology of “to serve is an honor not a burden”

Long time ago around 4 or 6 years ago, my teacher told me that “to serve is an honor not a burden”. And for around the same time, i try to do the best to serve the main force of a team that make me feel like in home, a place that i can come back whenever i feel tired with the same philosophy as my teacher said.

At first i feel happy cause i had a team, i had friends that support the program and system that make all of this happened… But as the time go on, our commitment now became the subject of a test. A test of endurance, and a test of friendship and a test of determination…

And i have to see as the time go, that we didn’t share the same resolute as i thought at first. I ask for help but not once they answer. Now it became hard to me to make the decision. Will i lead this main force to the end of it or will i try once again? 
As my heart want to keep the force go on, it will become a battle of endurance… Because who can make a team go on if the system, the people in it already felt to the dark side the one that we called as broken resolute?

Now dear friends and foe, please give me your opinion “what i must do?”. Cause it was hard to do everything alone (execpt for my own self) for the team even if i still believe that to serve is an honor not a burden.

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