30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 2 | Share something you struggle with

I believe everyone has their own struggle in this life. And so do i. I think for now, i’m struggling to find a job. It has been fifteen months since i left my full time job as Trainer at Erajaya and has been seven month since i finished my internship at Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS.

Cast a side the pandemic that currently happening, I even don’t know where i will be? Will i got my dream job at one of Public Accountant where i applied as Junior Consultant ? Or will i be back to the training field? Honestly, I don’t know.

Since i joined the academy, I’m struggling to had my confidence back. Suddenly thrown into the coding world really create a deep wound in my heart. It’s like asking a blind person to ride a car without assistant. One of the facilitator was really kind to ask me to change my path from Coder to Project Manager where i can utilize some of my skill and new knowledge that i gain during the project. I believe that i can do quite good as Project Manager. And that’s become my career goal after finished the academy.

Sadly enough, the real world is not as kind as academy life. The startup and IT Company only will accept Project Manager that have already some experience as coder. Something that i don’t have either in the academy or in the previous workplace. And then there is the pandemic, it really “closed” the opportunity to join the company either as Project Manager or even if i want to switch back to my previous career as a Trainer.

And that’s what i currently struggle with. Confidences and Career. Two things that related enough and really have the impact to the future. I do know the solution. Let me share this clip for you.

Facing The Giants – Prepare Your Fields

As Mr. Bridges in Facing the Giant said,

“God will send the rain when He’s ready. And you need to prepare your field to receive it.”

I don’t know when the time will become, but the solution is to be ready to end this struggle by preparing my mind, my heart and my skill.

May God bless me in the journey to finished this struggle once and for all.

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