10 Songs that I love right now

I think everyone love to hear a music either during their relax time or even during their activity such as study ; work or even during their journey. Today, I want to share Top 10 of Songs that i loved to hear. Let’s begin.

  1. LiSA×Uru – Saikai

I always love LiSA song specially since i know her from the Angel Beats and then Sword Art Online. I first notice this song from her facebook page and begin to hear this song due to her lovely appearance (I honestly love her hair color and style that even make me suggest my sister to dye her hair color to it). But after hear it for the first time, i began to love the beat – the tempo and also her combination voice with Uru. Definitely my number one song for now.

2. We All Lie

Honestly i love this song only because of the tempo and the beat. Definitely the number one song to be listen to during long trip or during workout.

3. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Tim Neufeld version

Thanks to Grace and Harris same day edit wedding video, I begin to know this song. The popular version of this song is sing by Hillsong, but for me, I love Tim Neufeld’s version the most.

4.In Jesus’ Name (Live) – Darlene Zschech

Due to my friendship with Mr. Ardi Prambudi, I knew Hillsong and Darlene Zchech song. He often play this two artist album in his car that make me curious and begin to looking for their album in the Apple Music. One of my favorite song is In Jesus Name (Live) by Darlene Zchech.

The lyric and the beat specially at minute 7:00 definitely nail the song as one of my favourites.

5. Kuteringat – Symphony Worship

I think i began to know Symphony Worship after joined PD OMPKK St. Yakobus Kelapa Gading. And when I listen to Symphony Worship Top Song at Apple Music, I happened to cross with this song. Definitely one of my Indonesian Worship favourite song.

6. Hanya Rindu – Andmesh

I begin to listen to this song on one of 92.5 Maestro FM song. First i thought this song as a romantic song due to it’s title and lyric. Then after several time listen to the song, i began to realized that this song is talking about a yearning of Mother’s love. Definitely a song you must listen when you miss your mother.

7. Always Remember Us This Way – Lady Gaga

Don’t know what to be write here. I just love the song. 😬

8. Gipsy Danger

Feel that your world is crumbling down? Or maybe feeling a bit tired? Maybe want to boost your spirit? This song is can pump your spirit back. My favorite song to begin the day either during my time at Erajaya or even now when I feel there is a mission to be done.

9. When I was your man – Bruno Mars

Everyone has their own love song that resembles their love life right? This song is the one that I love the most since Mr. Braga introduce it to me because the lyric really gives a glimpse of my love life during 2018 – 2019. I still listen to the song whenever the mood became swallow. Really helps me ease the broken heart feeling.

10. Adamas – LiSA

I love the feeling when the crowd began to cant during the Live Concert. Other than that, this song also give me the beat that i enjoyed whenever i hear LiSA song. Definitely in love with LiSA song. 😍

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