30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 2 | Share something you struggle with

I believe everyone has their own struggle in this life. And so do i. I think for now, i’m struggling to find a job. It has been fifteen months since i left my full time job as Trainer at Erajaya and has been seven month since i finished my internship at Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS.

Cast a side the pandemic that currently happening, I even don’t know where i will be? Will i got my dream job at one of Public Accountant where i applied as Junior Consultant ? Or will i be back to the training field? Honestly, I don’t know.

Since i joined the academy, I’m struggling to had my confidence back. Suddenly thrown into the coding world really create a deep wound in my heart. It’s like asking a blind person to ride a car without assistant. One of the facilitator was really kind to ask me to change my path from Coder to Project Manager where i can utilize some of my skill and new knowledge that i gain during the project. I believe that i can do quite good as Project Manager. And that’s become my career goal after finished the academy.

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30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 1 | 5 Places I want to visit

We all always have a place we want to visit, specially during this time of pandemic when we feel how’s life in the containment like a person in jail. Some people want to visit a beach, some people want to visit a mountains, the others want to go abroad. Wherever is it, there will always a place that hold something special so we want to visit that place. And here are 5 places that i want to visit (at least once) in my life.

1. Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Toba Lake as seen from Samosir Island

The first place I want to visit is Lake Toba on North Sumatra, Indonesia. This place is said to be the largest natural lake that have been created due to super-volcano eruption. There is also a myth about Lake Toba that i had read since i was a child. All of that and the beautiful scenery there have become a great invitation for me to visit Lake Toba.

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30 Days Writing Challenge | Introduction

Seven months have been passed in 2020. And as we know, for most of this time, we lived in quarantine as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this quarantine period, I also lost the main structured activities where previously I was still undergoing learning activities on Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS.

In the first few months (I call it as the first period of 2020), I and maybe some of you use the time by taking the time to attend various online training and webinars to improve our skills. Some of us also begin to develop careers by selling food online or actively in MLM activities to increase our family income.

Now we are entering the second period of 2020, where community activities have begun to return to normal with the opening of the Mall – Office building and the easing of lockdown (In Indonesia we called it as PSBB), some of us have begun to develop new habits in doing activities; some of us continued the new activities that were built during the first period and some of us started actively opening or offering job opportunities. We now are beginning to try to return to normal activities by adapting many new habits.

As for me, this second period still remains as challenging as in the first period. The job search process that i have done for nearly four months still not produced a good results and i also having a bottle neck in the process of implementing OOP and API on my personal projects. This have been a source of discourage for me in this second period of 2020. This is where 30 days writing challenge comes.

I believe from the experience while running Care Service activities with SMAK 3 Character Building that when we fail to prepare, we are exploring our own failures.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

Preparation is an important part for us to face the challenges that may come. And this is where I believe that by consistently doing this 30 days writing challenge, I can make these preparations as well as being a stress relief media during these uncertain periods.

There will be an article with a choice of different topics that I will write every day on this wordpress. And as much as possible, I will use English in this writing, with the aim of strengthening and expanding my grammar.

Enjoy 30 articles that will be available during the next 30 days. Hopefully this will not only be a stress relief media for me, but it can also be an interesting inspiration for you all.

Best Regards,

Michael Varian Sutanto

Stay Productive – Egg Timer app

Continuing from last month, last week i finished another section of iOS 13 & Swift 5 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp. Not much i can done last week due to the bad network condition (Hope it will be changed since i will be change the provider this weekend).

The video attached show the Egg Timer app that i learn from Intermediate Swift Programming about Control Flow and Optionals. Honestly, it’s starting to confused me to understand about unwrap the optional. But as many of my colleagues said, “the more we tried, the more we have experienced to understand it”.

Let’s keep the spirit high and learn more before we encounter WWDC 2020.

#swift #iosapp #iosappdevelopment #udemy


Stay Productive – Xylophone app

Let’s use our time wisely.

This month, I bought Angela Yu Course on Udemy.com called iOS 13 & Swift 5 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp. From around 575 material, until today (30 May 2020) i have finished around 87 material. That’s equal to 15% from all of the material.

The video attached show the xylophone app that i learn from the course.

Let’s keep the spirit high and learn more before we encounter WWDC 2020 next month.

Stay Productive – Dicoding Indonesia “Start programming with Swift” course

I have completed the “Start Programming with Swift” course from Dicoding Indonesia and Indosat Ooredoo.

Dicoding Certificate - Start programming with Swift
Dicoding Certificate – Start programming with Swift

This Course is one of the two courses that need to be completed in order to continue my journey in ID Camp 2020. Not just as a necessary class, but this course also have help me improve my knowledge and skill in Swift.

Thank you for the opportunity to keep active and competitive during this SARS CoV-2 outbreaks. 

Stay Productive – Learning CollectionView and UrlSession

We can always see a bright in the dark times. Due to the spreading of SARS Cov-2 virus, we had a lot of times at home.

How do you spend your times?

I’m using my times to improve my swift knowledge. Now this time, i try to learn collection view and url session. Here are the screenshot of my latest creation.

Let me know if you have some good resource about url session and collection view.

What is Jurkes ? – Teaser Video

Berikut ini adalah teaser video dari Apps Final Challenge kami yang bernama Jurkes. Jurkes merupakan aplikasi Jurnal Kesehatan yang bertujuan untuk membantu pengguna mencatat perkembangan suhu tubuh, tekanan darah dan tingkat kolestrol anda.


Aplikasi ini dikembangkan oleh :
1. Stefandi Glivert sebagai Lead Coder
2. James Ivan Iriyanto sebagai UI & UX Desainer
3. Wimba Juventio Chandra sebagai Researcher
4. Michael Varian Sutanto sebagai Project Manager
5. Irvin sebagai UI Desainer


Aplikasi ini masih berada dalam tahapan TestFlight yang berarti belum tersedia di dalam AppStore. Testflight dapat dicoba di https://testflight.apple.com/join/P3Tbw0P7 (buka di iPhone anda)