5 Places I want to visit

We all always have a place we want to visit, specially during this time of pandemic when we feel how’s life in the containment like a person in jail. Some people want to visit a beach, some people want to visit a mountains, the others want to go abroad. Wherever is it, there will always a place that hold something special so we want to visit that place. And here are 5 places that i want to visit (at least once) in my life.

1. Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Toba Lake as seen from Samosir Island

The first place I want to visit is Lake Toba on North Sumatra, Indonesia. This place is said to be the largest natural lake that have been created due to super-volcano eruption. There is also a myth about Lake Toba that i had read since i was a child. All of that and the beautiful scenery there have become a great invitation for me to visit Lake Toba.

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